The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for Autism is Dairy and Gluten Free

Study: Ketogenic Diet Improves Core Symptoms of Autism


Bacterium can reverse autism-like behaviour in mice- Findings support idea that gut microbiome has a role in disorder.

Autism and dietary therapy: case report and review of the literature.

Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten From His Diet


Gluten-free Ketogenic Diet with MCTs Reverses Autism and Eliminates Seizures

Case study of Child with both autism and epilepsy starts having major improvements for both after being put on keto diet and removing allergens in diet such as gluten and casein (ie: Dairy). This is further example of what I have been saying/demonstrating in my book…you need to remove the allergens to heal. Even if you have the desired ketone output, if you do not remove the right allergens/antibody causing foods, the diet will not work OR you will need to restrict calories low enough to render the allergen(s)/antibodies insignificant. To me it’s only common sense to just remove the allergens from the diet and feed the body the good nutrients it needs to heal.~Elaine Cantin

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