The Cantin Ketogenic Diet is Dairy/MSG/GMO Free to give the best chance for healing and detox

Dairy is acidic, a source of glutamine and a source of lactic acid that adds to the fermentation issue when cells turn to fermentation for energy. Cancer grows more aggressively in an acidic environment.
Dairy is a source of IGF-1 that adds to our body IGF-1 levels (higher IGF-1 levels is known to make cancer grow and make cancer mets spread). Lower IGF-1 level is linked to longevity. IGF-1 IS IN BOTH ORGANIC AND NON ORGANIC MILK-THAT INCLUDES RAW MILK.
Dairy is a potential allergens that can cause antibodies inside our body that will not be detected but can cause us to produce histamines which in turns again make us even more acidic.
Dairy is directly linked to several chronic diseases per scientific research. Dairy also cause calcium depletion and bone issues.
Per Mr. Andrew Kimbrel, Founder & Executive Director for Center for Food Safety: GMO can produce brand new allergens, can be toxic and can cause cancer.
Per Dr. Russell Blaylock, MSG is a neurotoxin, is toxic and brain-damaging.

See the following website for diseases linked to dairy

Three in four of all people – 75% – are intolerant to Dairy foods like milk, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream. The vast majority are unaware. The presence of persistent symptoms like headaches, cough or asthma, frequent cold or ‘flu, skin problems, stomach bloating, sinus pain, Irritable Bowel, depression or low iron levels suggest Dairy Intolerance.”

FDA Fails to Protect Against Antibiotic Resistance, Guarantees More Needless Death and Suffering -Antibiotics are allowed in cows’ milk. Drink and eat dairy and it will cause you to have antibiotic resistance per Dr. Mercola

Dairy is directly linked to type 1 diabetes

During an allergic reaction/intolerance, the body becomes more acidic (ie: has less oxygen) and cancer grows more aggressively in an acidic environment.

“The difference with the Kaiser study was that it didn’t set out to investigate the connection of dairy foods and cancer; instead, it was the first to look specifically at dairy fats. (Incidentally, the study found that overall dietary fats – including saturated fats – had little bearing on breast cancer mortality risk; only dairy fat seems to be the culprit here.) What links dairy fat to breast cancer is likely to be the hormone estrogen. Much of the cow’s milk we drink today is produced from pregnant cows, whose estrogen and progesterone levels are markedly elevated. When humans consume milk from these cows, this can increase their own estrogen levels, creating an environment that is conducive to breast cancer but has also been linked to prostate, endometrial and ovarian cancers.”

The Beautiful Truth – Full Movie – Watch Andrew Kimbrell on GMO, Dr. Russell Blaylock on MSG, toxic fluoride & more…

A lot of dairy products or hidden dairy words contain MSG as per the following list and Dr. Russell Blaylock states that MSG is a neurotoxin.

Dr McDougall and Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1)

Provocations – Dairy Protein Causes Cancer. In The China Study, The only animal protein that was tested was cassein (ie: Dairy protein)

Milk is not just food but most likely a genetic transfection system activating mTORC1 signaling for postnatal growth

Over-stimulation of insulin/IGF-1 signaling by western diet may promote diseases of civilization: lessons learnt from laron syndrome

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