Medical Director

Dr. Jagadish G. Donki, MBBS, BAMS, Dip in Ipt, ABAAM (USA)


Dr. J is available for Professional Support & Also accepts Charitable donations for his clinic & research

Complementary Medicine Therapy & Research Centre G. S. Donki Medical Foundation (Charitable Clinic for Tropical & Endemic Diseases) No. 1187, 5th Block, 18th "B" main, Dhobhi Ghat, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, India – 560 010. Phone: 080-23154649, Cell phone: 919845917230

Dr. J’s published discovery on malaria and nacsent iodine for a “safe, effective, nontoxic, and cost-effective antimalarial agent”

Dr. J’s words of hope

Metabolic treatments including ketogenic diet is taking up in a different level now. Even if an advanced cancer patient is very sick and can't handle ketogenic diet now, we have Ketone Esters and recently Oxaloacetate (benaGene) that checks Nf-Kb and stimulates T lymphocytes and has shown to cure brain tumours! Therefore, tricking the body physiology under the impression of low carb high fat and calorie restriction with Oxaloacatate with Ketone ester and ketogenic diet could be a smart bomb for cancers. Those who can't do ketogenic diet because they are sick, they could start on Keto Esters, Oxaloacetate along with good fats like coconut, avocado etc. Also we are trying metabolic treatments with glycolytic inhibitors (GI) with the above in advanced cancer patients and the results are nothing short of a miracle! BTW Oxaloacetate is the Strongest Anti-Inflammatory now. I am putting all cancer patients on Oxaloacetate. For me 2016 seems very exciting!

Some of Dr. J’s patients’ cases

One of the cases I would surely like to quote is 24 year old female diagnosed with GBM (Glioblastoma multiforme) that was advised surgery, radiation and chemo last January 2015. She had aggressive symptoms with huge swelling around the lesion. The family of the girl did not want to go the mainstream way knowing even with standard treatments the patient could survive 15 months. I started her on metabolic cancer treatment in April 2015 with the Cantin Ketogenic Diet, DCA, ketone ester, MCT, ACV, EGCG, Boswellia and Metformin. We had subequent MRI brain in June 2015. No further growth and mild shrinkage of the lesion. November 2015 further shrinking, no new lesions! Her quality of life is excellent and now January 2016 she is leading a normal life (After 12 months of diagnosis). She is due next MRI in Feb 2016 and I expect further improvement in size of the lesion. This is huge improvement considering limited options and quality of life with limited survival option for mainstream treatments.


Another case to mention is Stage 4 malignant melanoma which was aggressive with fast spreading mets in a 78 year old male having tried all chemo regimens, totally bed ridden with non healing wound in right sole after operation. I started him on Cantin Ketogenic Diet in July 2015 and there was rapid improvement with partial remission (80 percent improvement in terms of disappearance of lesions and reduced SUV uptake with necrotic areas) in PET-CT done in Oct 2015 only after 3 months! The wound in the sole of right foot totally healed and he is moving on his toes to the market and leading a normal life. Please remember this was a given up case! He is due next PET-CT and I expect total remission in him. He was also put on Curcumin as one of the main additional supplements.
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