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***** The Cantin Ketogenic Diet…How I went from 70 units of insulin a day to 0! "I was extatic with the results but figured I would still need insulin once I started eating again. Wrong! I followed Elaine’s food recommendations and 15 days later I am still off insulin! Not only am I off insulin, my blood glucose has never been better! I never saw 90 when I was on insulin! The change in the way I feel is amazing! " See the following link for full text: https://tammycarmona.com/2016/03/16/the-cantin-ketogenic-diet-how-i-went-from-70-units-of-insulin-a-day-to-0/
*****Prayers, Blessings & Love for this beautiful, Beautiful young man who had cancer shrinkage everywhere at his last exam...Here are some beautiful words from Beau that are very, very touching to me: Day 3 of my journey with the Cantin Ketogenic way of life - still need to order a lot of supplements (coming next week), but I have started on the foods - ive cut out all the foods Elaine has written about, and will strictly adhere to everything! It is so much easier than I thought it would be - its so simple and is a pleasure. Im really excited! I have Testicular Cancer with mets in liver, lungs and abdomen (the tumour in the abdomen is wrapped around my Aorta) - I finished 4 cycles of B.E.P Chemotherapy on October 9th and was due to have surgery to remove the tumours - that was in December - but instead I opted for a natural approach to tumour reduction and ultimately cure. Unfortunately, I spent most of all that time since October getting stressed and worried as everything I read was being contradicted and conflicted - that was until finally I found Elaine and her group (and book) - it resonates with me so much! I am looking forward to being a testimonial for this way of life and also for men in particular, that have testicular cancer (as I havent come across many examples of men healing testicular cancer with diet and supps etc) One thing that has struck me about Elaine's approach - with this group and her book - is that its more than diet - its more than supps too - its about the mind, our emotions, how we see and relate with our inner and outer environments - emotional healing is also so important - I know I have a lot of deeply held patterns that I am very fortunate to be able to work on - her constant references to beautiful quotes that we also have to be focused on creating healing beliefs and attitudes and to have gratitude and appreciation. Thank you so much Elaine for blazing your trail and empowering so many along the way with your research and dedication and love - we are all blessed. "He who is able thinks he is able"
*****ABOUT CYST: I just heard from my nephew who lended his Cantin Ketogenic Diet book to his friend to read...He said that she wanted to thank me and she wanted me to know that after reading my book, she did my ketogenic diet and it turns out she had a non cancerous cyst that was sticking out on her face and it was completely gone after a few weeks on my ketogenic diet method that mimics immunotherapy. I am just sharing the information in case it can help others with similar issues. ~Elaine
*****From Kathleen: I've had a BB sized hard cyst on my thigh just above the knee since 1996, Day 7 on my Keto Diet and all that's left is a flat red spot. I know the rest will disappear soon.
*****For those with Hashimoto's disease, here is a testimonial I received about the Cantin Ketogenic Diet: "I just watched your YouTube video. I am very excited about the Ketogenic diet. I have been on it since March 10th. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disease that destroys your Thyroid. I was suffering with overwhelming fatigue and pain due to the inflammatory nature of the disease. I have energy, the pain is minimal and I've lost 12 lbs. losing weight with a thyroid disease is next to impossible. My hair is not falling out anymore. Thank you for sharing your experience." From Samie
*****"IT WORKS!!!!" "My wife was diagnosed with Acenic Cell Carcinoma. She started the Cantin Ketogenic Diet and her tumor shrank. She had her surgery as scheduled, but we believe that if we had delayed the surgery another week, the tumor would have disappeared altogether. " From D. Cox:
****** John T posted this on my support group: "About a couple of months ago I posted that I had a PSA test from my family doc that said I was cancer free. I got my results today from my urologist and it said cancer free as well. Now he wants to see me for tests in 4 months, 6 months and if everything remains stable I get checked once a year. Thank you Elaine!! You saved me from 7 weeks of daily radiation therapy. It seems that oncologists and the cancer industry as a whole is treating cancer with stone knives and bear skins while we lucky few are able to cure our cancers with a simple diet because of you."
****** "I have had abdominal pain for months. I am also a Type II Diabetic dependent on insulin. Changing my diet to follow this plan has almost completely gotten rid of the abdominal pain (a huge relief since the doctors can't figure it out) and has allowed me to completely get rid of insulin. It is a challenging diet to follow but well worth the result. " From Crystal
****** From Teresa posted Oct 13 2013: "Even if it does not shrink, it does not seem to progress. Being completely off sugar has given me my life back. My cancer does not swell, burn, ache, or involve surrounding area's as long as I stay away from any sweets, corn, allergens, dairy, alcohol, and other high carb items. Blessings"
****** From Joe: "I have been following a ketogenic diet since Feb 2014 based on Elaine Cantin 's diet. Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer March 2013 and given 9-12 months with chemo (did one drug at a lower dose of 3 drugs recommended just 3 times and quit chemo August 2013). I transformed my body and practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (submission wrestling) 4-6 times a week with usually bigger and much younger opponents. I had 2 fights at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Dallas Open last month and fight at the International BJJ Federation Masters World Championships next month. While I attribute multiple factors, the ketogenic diet is a huge part of my ability to perform at this high levels as a person who has fought cancer 3 times in my lifetime. Thanks Elaine Cantin for your book!"
****** Gordon posted this on my FB wall: "Thanks for accepting my friend request. I'd like to tell you that your diet has helped immensely with my Type 2 diabetes - I have gone from 12-14 bathroom trips per night to 2 or 3 at the most, and I have felt better consistently - I suspected something more serious, but I've been much better for well over a year - my sugar count is below normal, and I'm in no danger of having to take insulin!"
****** Here is what the mom Jodi posted on my support group about her type 1 diabetic child: My daughter (6 yrs) was diagnosed 12-2013 with Type I. We started off with the typical Western Medicine routine (bc we did not know any different). This meaning she was on both a fast-acting and long-lasting insulins (Novolog/Humalog and Levimer/Lantus) every day and every meal. We did that until March 2014 when we were introduced to Elaine Cantin's book. We started her on a simplified version of the diet, focusing on healthy reduction of carbs (Goal of < 15g per meal) bc we knew she would only tolerate certain food changes. Within 48 hours (i.e 2 days) there was a noticeable difference, she was having lows and we kept decreasing the insulin amounts. Within three weeks she was insulin FREE and still is."
****** Annette posted this in March 2013 after she put her mom on my keto diet for ovarian cancer: "Oh and by the way I have a 6 year old little girl with epilepsy, was having 1 -3 seizures every night. Since we have been eating ketogenic she has not had seizures every night!! I do not have her on the strict one like Mama is on, she still eats her school lunch, I think coconut oil is one of the main reasons for this. I appreciate all the advice and will probably ask more questions in the future. I hope you all do not mind!! I believe it is helping her so much, she is in a special needs class and the past couple of weeks the teachers have been bragging on how much better she is doing, participating and answering questions. I am thrilled about this"
****** "Very informative book with specific details. Also contains some good recipes. I got it for my mom whom is battling cancer and she has been on the diet for a couple months and she feels better than she has in a while." From Nathaniel
****** "My husband was diagnosed with aggressive T-Cell Lymphoma in February and warned the prognosis was not good. After commencing chemo we heard about the Ketogenic diet and did much research. It made sense. We bought Elaine's book and put it into practice as best we could (but we didn't cut out cheese and butter). We tried to get help from a nutritionist but she was negative and no help. I dedicated myself to making the diet interesting and did lots of cooking. In July, after 6 chemo cycles (instead of expected 8, 10 or more), tests revealed the lymphoma was gone and not expected to return. He also had prostate cancer and yesterday his urologist said his blood tests were very good and examination revealed improvement in the gland itself. He was no longer put under pressure to have surgery. Thank you for providing the blueprint for this diet in your book. Now I would like some advice on where to go from here. We are thinking of staying with this food regime."
****** "I went from stage 3 kidney disease since 1994 to normal kidney function after being on the diet for about 7 months - could've been earlier, but that's when I had the test." This person also reported tumors shrinking after about 1 month on the keto diet.” Susan
****** Elaine, I wanted to say thank-you, as I was searching for ways to cure my diabetes, all the information I came to, lead me in the same direction as you. When I saw your youtube posts, I realized that I was not alone and using your diet, ketogenic, allergen free and proper supplementation, has brought my blood sugar under control and I am almost at the point of not having to use any insulin after only 2 weeks. This is a huge accomplishment and I am on the path to being cured of diabetes. It is truly amazing how effective the ketogenic diet is for diabetes, losing weight and obtaining health. Many thanks, Corey
****** Amy reported on the group on 2/3/2014 that 2 places where she had cancer were gone and she lost close to 30 LBS doing The Cantin Ketogenic Diet.
****** From Maribel about her brother: "Thanks Elaine Cantin that’s why I decided to ask you about recipes because I have noticed the ketogenic cook books include some dairy, red meats , fruits and other food that don’t seem right and I want to help my brother find other food recipes so he keeps stong on the Cantin Diet. He had an appt on 1/31/14 doctor was amazed that tumor had shrunk 95% he is on chemo, Cantin Diet. W e are hoping that his next MRI will show no tumor at all. Thank you for all your support and answering all my questions God bless you..." From Elaine: My diet is not about variety and toxins/allergens it's about quality and health benefits and removing most toxins/allergens for best chances of survival. I only use the recipes in my book and the ones I added in the photo tab on my support group attached to the pics of plates I added.
****** From a Dentist named Jenny: "Hi Elaine, found out in Oct 2013 that I had stage 3 breast cancer. 4 spots in breast one was huge 5x7x10 cm, two lymph nodes were cancer too. Did one chemo of a/c and decided against it. I read your book. Did your diet plan, supplements...plus some. Met with a naturopath doc. I did one more tough chemo... Didn't like it. I agreed to herceptin and another new her2 drug (still hair loss from that!). I did that combo 3 times. I also detox with oils and spent many hrs in an infrared bed. I had surgery Monday Feb 24th. Path report shows only 2 sites of cancer left. One is 0.8cm... Yes 0.8. One lymph node was 0.3cm and not outside the node. I know the clean diet and alkaline efforts helped. The surgeon was surprised at the shrinkage with just 2 bad chemos and 3 her2 doses. Success. I have no worries it will come back. Docs all pressed me to do all the chemo and radiation.... I trusted myself and due to the extent still chose surgery. Now my diet/supplements will keep it from returning. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!"
****** From Michelle "We've been on the Ketogenic method for 1 week, and observed dramatic improvements in energy, blood sugar control and additionally improved clarity of thought and memory"
****** So so so happy!!! Trying to prevent the happy tears from rolling down. This could not happen to a nicer lady...my friend Marie on my support group just posted she is lung cancer free. Thank God!!! That’s after a little over a year on The Cantin Ketogenic Diet. A quote from Marie who had six lung cancer tumors: "I've said it before and l'll say it again, there is no silver bullet to curing cancer or any other disease. Elaine's keto diet along with plenty of alkaline water and raw diet added to regimen got rid of my cancer. It took 5 years of being patient and determined to have my last CT/scan in January tell me l was cancer free. And this was all without chemo, surgery or radiation. Don't give up on this diet, just figure out what else in combination with keto will give you better results. And more important, don't give up on yourself."
****** After I posted a study about melanoma addicted to sugar on my support group, Diana posted the following about her melanomas: "Well doing the Cantin Keto diet...The two I had disappeared. But the scaly like patch on my nose has not budged. Miracle...Thank you Elaine for taking time to write your book!"
****** Jackie posted this on my support group: "Here we go! My husband had his second MRI on prostate.. his PSA keeps going down.. He had an appointment today with our Holistic MD. The results of the MRI NO CANCER! GONE ZIP NOTHING.. All I think because of you Elaine Cantin and your diet.. God led us to you ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and GOD continue to shine on you and all of you .. don't ever quit the diet.. everything else is great too. He lost 35 lbs, is very happy about that.. Thank you so much... we are elated! The cancer doctor, have not heard from him yet.. wow..
*****Maricela posted the following on my support group...these news always bring me happy tears: "I had... yes, keyword had stage IV non small cell lung cancer with met to the brain one year ago exactly. I did Elaine's ketogenic diet and am happy to officially report NED. There were other things I integrated like meditation, positive affirmations and stress elimination. It was a process, but I got there. Thank you Elaine!"
*****It’s true, cancer doesn’t scare me any more. After my diagnosis with Breast Cancer in 2009, I had a lumpectomy, but decided not to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy. A friend of mine had followed the alternative route with breast cancer, and her cancer returned destroying her health, and eventually taking her life; her last words to me were ‘If I had mytime over, I’d take everything the doctors offered, chemotherapy, radiotherapy,anything.’ Yet still when I got my diagnosis I knew that wasn’t the right path for me. Elaine and I met online in 2010 when I was panicking after the discovery of 3 small new lumps – one in the original breast, and more worryingly, two in the other. Her dietary suggestions were added to my regimen and at my next scan, a month later, only one lump remained, and a month later there was nothing to see. I don’t worry about cancer any more as I know that using the Cantin Ketogenic Diet I can suppress any recurrences. Elaine’s information about allergies is so crucial for me as I already knew I was wheat and dairy intolerant, yet had let wheat slip back into my diet. I won’t do that again. Thank you Elaine for all your tireless efforts for all of us. You’re a life-saver. Gilli M. From London, U.K.
*****This is from a young man who is my daughter’s friend and he is only 20 so this is also very dear to my heart…His parents were worried because he had refused chemo and radiation… That’s when I told them about my Ketogenic Diet. Then one day, I received the following from their son: “Fired up news on this wonderful day! I had some tests for cancer done yesterday and I just found out that the cancerous mass in my intestine shrunk by 30%! I can not describe how happy I am. I'm the happiest guy in the world, you have no idea how happy I am. I had to share my joy, I'm in heaven, thank you to Elaine Cantin for your prayers and showing me other alternatives ... I owe you my life and in return, I will help other people to pursue their dreams and principles! Thank you God! Benjamin, 20 (Quebec, Canada) ******
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