Limiting carbohydrates in the diet improves cholesterol biomarkers

Many doctors, including Dr. Mark Hyman, now advise that you need to look at the number of particles that make up the total cholesterol number and not just the total cholesterol number. The 4 important biomarkers are Glucose, Triglycerides, HDL and C-reactive protein. A healthy ketogenic diet, like the Cantin Ketogenic Diet, that restrics carbohydrates will improve all these biomarkers.
"There is no evidence that an isolated elevated biomarker (like total cholesterol) justifies taking a statin. Even statin guidelines don't call for treatment based on a singular biomarker, such as high total cholesterol - a fact the drug manufacturers have in their recommendations regarding the use of statin medications" -Dr. David Diamond

Cholesterol also affects hormones and is essential for optimal health

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Steps to Healthy Cholesterol with Mark Hyman, MD

How to Make Sense of Your Cholesterol Levels Infographic -From Dr. Mercola’s website

Why having high cholesterol isn’t always bad. “It’s sugar that drives the good cholesterol Down!”

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