The Cantin Ketogenic Diet was created for healing to mimic immunotherapy with diet alone and without toxines & Disease. The mathematical formula in my book The Cantin Ketogenic Diet explains this and demonstrates you can bypass toxins and disease with the right ketogenic diet molded for individual needs.

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Compilation of work on negative effects of vaccines ~ by Sue Broz Thorpe, B.S. Retired Nutrition and Science Teacher. Former President of CHADD and Coordinator of 57 California Chapters.


The following is about immunotherapy and this is what I talk about in my book the Cantin Ketogenic Diet when I explain about Dr. Coley’s toxin injections for cancer remission and the live vaccine injections with Type 1 diabetes for remission of type 1 diabetes. Live vaccine toxins that make you very sick and produce ketones and fever to activate the immune system. That’s called immunotherapy. I show in my book via a mathematical formula that you can reproduce the same condition in the body with just foods.

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