What is CJD -Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for CJD as a form of immonotherapy

LINKS BETWEEN CANCER, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease ), AND Mad Cow Disease & Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease per the following 2 studies. They are talking about genes and antibodies but the latest science shows cancer is a metabolic disease and here is an important point: many of the diseases they mention having the same gene mutation are actually metabolic diseases...like cancer, ALS, and diabetes have proven to be. Per Dr. Thomas Seyfried, cancer which is a metabolic disease, has been found to have a respiration issue in the mitochondria of the cell that precedes or makes worse any genetic issues (ie: an energy problem). There is currently no cure for CJD and Mad Cow Disease...so what about the allergen free Cantin Ketogenic Diet, that is a form of immunotherapy, to get rid of the antibodies issues and the energy issues that can cause the gene mutation in the first place for CJD & Mad Cow Disease?

Medical researchers ID additional link between Alzheimer’s and prion diseases

Kuru linked to CJD, BSE (Mad Cow Disease) and found to be infectuous diseases. Immunotherapies are becoming options for infectious diseases.

Immunotherapies in infectious diseases

Copper and the Prion Protein: Methods, Structures, Function, and Disease

A Case for the Role of Copper Deficiency in “Mad-Cow” Disease and Human Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Antihistamine drug “astemizole” delays onset of CJD by 4% but Curcumin, memantine, rapamycin delays it by more than 4%

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