New scientific evidence shows epilepsy is a metabolic disease. There are many different things that can cause seizures…

Example of things that can cause seizures: birth traumas; infections; head traumas; drugs; medication side-effects; brain tumors; strokes; eating certain foods/allergens; chemical imbalances such as low blood glucose, low blood sodium, low oxygen, low calcium. Seizures are also linked to low histamine with high copper, and copper destroys histamine. The Cantin Ketogenic Diet is a good option to treat a metabolic disease like epilepsy. A ketogenic diet protects against low blood sugar because the body burns fat for energy. The Cantin Ketogenic Diet which is optimized for health is allergens free, uses only healthy salt and is alkaline for the oxygen needed. The traditional ketogenic diet high in dairy has been used at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Maryland since the early 1900's to treat and cure epilepsy. See the movie First Do No Harm below to learn more about it.

What is Epilepsy?

What causes epilepsy?

Here is the Charlie Foundation Website:

See the article below for my friend Mike Dancer who is epileptic. Mike is also listed under the “Professional Support” section

Mike Dancer: B.Sc, M.Phil, Diploma in Exercise & Fitness. Mike was diagnosed with epilepsy (tonic-clonic seizures also called grand mal seizures) with a very poor life expectancy. He was given a maximum of 5 years to live 7 years ago and he was told that his brain would deteriorate. He has been eating a healthy ketogenic diet like The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for over 6 years and his life was saved due to this diet change. You can read his story below. He has first hand experience with eating a healthy ketogenic diet for healing and survival. Mike is located in the London, UK area but you can contact him from around the world via skype for support for The Cantin Ketogenic Diet and for his rates at the following email address: mike.dancer@me.com or visit his website at www.mikedancer.net

First Do No Harm -Full movie about the real life story of Charlie, the son of movie producer Jim Abrahams

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