HIV & AIDS -Infectious disease

There are various scientific studies being conducted in the immunotherapy field for HIV/AIDS. The Cantin Ketogenic Diet was created to mimic a form of immunotherapy with foods as explained in my mathematical formula in my book. One of my followers with HIV/AIDS, who also said had kaposi sarcoma (a virus related cancer), reported that after being on The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for only a week, the skin lesions were already getting lighter in color. The person who wants to remain anonymous, said that they were very happy they had found The Cantin Ketogenic Diet book, were very excited and were doing my keto diet very strictly. The Cantin Keto diet by its food selection, boosts glutathione which is said to increase survival in AIDS patients. This diet is also using coconut oil and organic ACV with the mother which are said to be natural antivirals. Also look at the Iron/Copper/Histamine section on this website for the histamine connection related with the disease. As well please see the link below for the scientific study showing that HIV needs sugar to grow...One more good reason to go ketogenic and switch the body to burning fat/ketones for HIV.

kaposi sarcoma


What is HIV and AIDS

HIV’s sweet tooth may be its downfall -Once HIV invades an activated immune cell, it needs sugar and nutrients from the cell to fuel its wild growth. Now scientists say that voracious sweet tooth also may be its Achilles’ heel.

Phospholipase D1 Couples CD4+ T Cell Activation to c-Myc-Dependent Deoxyribonucleotide Pool Expansion and HIV-1 Replication

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